The Chapakhana is a non-profit organization operated by the active, informed youth of India.It comprises of an editorial cum podcast representation. The organic content presentation at The Chapakhana is perceptional text rendered through the efforts of the research made by the included content creators.


'The Chapakhana' was established with a belief to guard citizenship of the people not just in India but across the globe.

We solely strive to voice thoughts of people with no social, political and economic rights and devoted to the ruler for no rational reason. Such people fall into the category of subjects, not citizens. As it has been realized all across the globe that there is something inappropriate taking place, which has yet not been named, leading to distortion of quality of citizenry across the globe through dissemination of misleading and distorted information. 'The Chapakhana' has taken an initiative to present facts and information to the people with which they must be rightly informed to present a clear picture of what’s happening around them.

In this information age, though having number of sources to get informed, people are much more misinformed than earlier due to information overload as well. Misconceptions created by social media ‘cells’ and noise of political narratives have led to the loss of space for the legitimate voice of the people, have led to a huge loss of ‘real’ questions of the people.

As Edward Snowden states, “The misfortune of our times is that the people have become more driven by their feelings than the facts. Whereas, feelings have replaced facts which is extremely dangerous. Emotions can never be given more importance than facts.” And this irrational derivation by feelings all across the globe has led to evolution of unhealthy democracies round the globe, for the welfare of people and often for their existence as citizens in the global political arena.

The “mainstream” media has failed to meet this challenge as a result of which we are here to fill the even gaps.

It is the tendency of politics to keep on dragging with a given problem and not coming up with accommodative solution, therefore, then, reaping it to an issue. We at 'The Chapakhana' try to find out obliging handlings for various social, political, economic and environmental challenges present in the public domain.


We aspire to make a difference in a crowd of abundant million dollar corporate media houses by setting objectives which states:

1. To make citizens informed through editorials and podcasts based on well-researched and deeply analyzed information.

2. To critically examine the social and political events taking place.

3. To guard freedom (particularly freedom of speech) and the Constitution of India.

4. To question rulers and the society in prevailing.

5. To bring a powerful social change through expressions.

6. To empower women (here empowerment means power of making choices).

7. To present accommodative solutions to various contemporary challenges.

8. To promote neutral critical and rational opinions.

the presidium.

The Chapakhana is governed by a top governing body which are as follows: