By Vasundhara Pande

(28/06/2020 15:30IST)

Not all hashtags hold central importance for Indians but this one should certainly do, #justiceforjayrajandfenix, the most trending on social media handles. And why shouldn't it be?

Imagine someone penetrates a stick and smashes your genitalia, sounds barbarous, isn't it? Such a rasping treatment was meted out on Jeyaraj and Bennix (father and son respectively) by the police authorities of the Sathankulam town, in the Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) district of Tamil Nadu.

According to the Indian express,"The police action against Jeyaraj, belonging to the powerful Nadar trader community, sprang from an argument he had with police on June 19 evening over keeping his mobile phone shop open in Sathankulam beyond the deadline of 7 pm, set as a part of measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. After a patrol team took Jayraj to a local police station, Bennix reached there with a friend and was also taken into custody. Two days later, both were dead. A preliminary police probe found severe injuries in their private parts."

According to sources, these two men were allegedly beaten up 100-200 times by the policemen and raped to which Bennix lost his life in the Kovilpatti Hospital on June 22, followed by Jeyaraj taking his last breath on June 23.

Police brutality reminds of me a recent case of George Floyd of the United States. What did the Americans do? What did the Indians do? They protested, held hands and sought justice for the dead and what did we do?

Rightfully quoting Martin Luther King Jr," A man dies when he refuses to stand up for what is right."

Are we only concerned of the first world problems despite of us living in the third world countries? Fortunately, some Tamils aren't! On Wednesday, the Tamil Nadu Traders’ Association downed shutters across the state, seeking to highlight police highhandedness and condemning the police brutality followed by some outrages and protests.

Al Sharpton, American Baptist Minister, quoted," I am not anti-police, instead anti-police brutality." Drawing inspiration from him, this case demands a stricter action than four police officers being suspended and one being transferred.

This case not only unfolds police brutality but also an underrated topic," men being raped."

My question to all the pseudo-feminists, why isn't your Instagram flooded with stories now seeking justice for the dead? Or am I not able to see it just as you couldn't see yourselves as the flag bearers of selective outrage.

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Vasundhara Pande

Editor In Chief, INARA

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