By Vasundhara Pande

(19/06/2020 19:30IST)

The sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput made us forget feminism, isn't it?

Now for those reading this will recall it how they fought in their stories for feminism, including men and women.

So do I, but today I have some unsaid FACTS which I would like to share with you all.

I am sure most of us netizens have gone through a meme/post/image where a thin line of comparison is drawn between two separate scenes, thin enough to differentiate the basic idea of feminism portrayed through them. On one hand stands a working female presumably an army officer and on the other hand some girls in mini-skirts, partying.

The reason I mentioned the mini-skirt is because that is what becomes the basic idea of feminism for most of us, confusing right?

Keep on reading!

For those who say that the girl in the left displays true feminism and those just partying/talking about it don't have no right to say that.

Feminism in itself, is subjective. By that I don't invite immoral intentions/opinions. Let's understand this through an example. A woman from a lower middle class family aspires to hold a job, sustain her livelihood and live life with confidence and pride, without being dependent on anyone. While on the other hand, a woman from a rich family chooses not to work (remember chooses) instead be a housewife, look after her kids, her husband and go to parties as well wearing whatever the hell she wants. In both the cases, both the females are allowed to do whatever they want, without being questioned.

Feminism when men and women have equal rights, in both second and third world countries, in both poor and rich households.

Feminism means that a woman can chose to be the CEO and mother at the same time and she shouldn't be questioned for that.

Considering the example of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, she is the one who fought climate change, pandemic, terrorist attacks and all of this while holding a baby in her hand.

Who are we to question females?

Now comes some households who affirm that "we allow our females to work/ got to parties." To those misters, who are you to allow? When you allow you place yourself in a position of authority. And in marriages, and all social, political, economic and cultural spheres, women and men deserve equal treatment.

Readers don't mistake me for a pseudo-feminist, I sure ain't the one. I don't want to say that if men smoke, women should too smoke. I am saying that a man smoking shouldn't be considered as masculine and a woman as "not from an accha khaandaan!"

With the right to equality and feminism comes a choice, in front of men and women. A man can chose to be a homemaker and he shouldn't be questioned while the female in his house can be the bredearner and not subjected to derogatory comments!

It is important to understand choice and also, that there is a difference between pseudo- feminists and actual feminists.

I hope facts are clear and even if they aren't, they still remain FACTS.

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Vasundhara Pande

Editor In Chief, INARA

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