Information Overloaded

By Kanika Vij

(19/06/2020 19:30IST)

Information overload: why assumptions are being presented as facts?

The information age comprises of a great garage of knowledge being dispersed with multi mediums of electronic media. But ever wondered why there is a constant murmur about everything modish.

Since we know social media is an enormous source of entertainment and networking, it provides its user a mutual interaction where a follower of the information can express their opinions by liking or commenting or by sharing the posted content by the admins.

Being a media learner, I have observed that many users present biased or insufficient information which gives out controversies, rumours and unfair judgments about a topic which is unknown in most state of affairs.

By means of excessive information, I think a curious mind also starts to buildup certain confusions which at times remain uncertain because we in daily lives are always in hurry!

So what if the facts offered are personal Assumptions? Will it impact more? Yes it is true, because emergence of social media has been proving a platform to voice opinions. If you got a point which is valid, full of truth and you are an independent narrator of your thoughts then the social media is a great stage. But what if your facts are unclear or bias and you are voicing that opinion with confidence! Then the result could be either comical or catastrophic, as this is what happens when people with less information access to the internet's luxuries and end up worsening the conditions.

An opinion or a view could be economical, political or a social one. No matter what the sort is, the opinion or the view should always be unprejudiced, impartial further enough to clarify your thoughts about the topic of the talk.

Information overload is a lingo which has risen by the new media platforms and its features. As the technology and trends are briskly changing. I suggest, one should become a researcher before agreeing on the information. This will let you to identify the serious facts about the information and will eliminate the insecurities of deficient information.

So by information overload, this brings out an indicator like hard decision making or wastage of time because the source of information could be seen as assumptions are there or are just verbal. By this, it becomes challenging for a person to come up with a conclusion.

Presently, development of stress is a common human activity due to multi-tasking responsibilities and jobs. If there’s an attack of false information sources which can tend to be highly opinionated at the same time, then it becomes dangerous for someone. However, cloud of clutter that can increase the chance of burnout always stress.

So next time you find information and if it makes you curious to know about it, examine the source and then have opinions voiced.

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Kanika Vij

Senior Editor

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