Moral grandstanding: It is lethal

By Kanika Vij

(23/06/2020 19:30IST)

Thinking twice before wailing your sincerity online is a must-have. In an era of bitter partisanship, political infighting and outlawing of those with undesirable views. Some say political discourse has gotten worse over the last several years. For myself, who review human behavior, this widespread malice is both a social problem and an examination opportunity.

Moral grandstanding is a term may be unfamiliar, but most people have experienced moral grandstanding. Examples of moral grandstanding include when a mate makes imperial and drastic declarations on social media about their deepest sympathy held values regarding climate change, for instance, and when a campaigning politician makes bold – but clearly untrue – ideological claims about immigration.

Usually, communities immerse in moral chatter to learn from, pertain with or persuade someone else. They might say of their decision like not to consume any creature products, for example, “I am vegan for environmental and animal rights reasons.”

Moral grandstanding occurs when people use moral talk, instead, to nurture themselves or crave status. So a moral grandstander might say, “I am vegan because it is the only moral decision. If you care about the planet, you can’t eat animal products!" For moral grandstanders, the discussion is a means to an end – not a free exchanging - dialogue of ideas.

An intention for respect from our counterparts is normal in humans, as there are longings for safety or security, love and belonging. Social scientists have traced the evolutionary origins of status-seeking to prehistoric periods.

Moral grandstanding, still, is a special kind of status-seeking, it suggests that an individual is utilizing conversations about vital or questionable issues entirely to get scrutiny or influence others.

How to deal with moral grandstanding?

Contemplating and verifying your own dialogue style, reflecting on what you say to others and why is a forever tip for extroverts. When you arrive into the hostile realm with somebody who varies in judgment, inquire yourself whether you are doing so with a genuine interest in communicating and connecting with your fellows – or are you just trying to achieve points? Believing truly about your engagement on social media, then ground zero for moral grandstanding is exceptionally important.

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