Were you ‘productive’ enough during Lockdown?

By Vaidehi Gupta

(28/08/2020 15:30IST)

Do you still remember the time when you were holed up in your homes and every minute was excruciating? Do you still remember wanting to scream out of frustration because you genuinely had nothing to do? Do you still remember vibing onto old memories because nostalgia hit you hard while you were trapped within the comforting walls of your abode?

The Corona virus pandemic effectively resulted in a total shutdown in almost every country, India itself observing the same for about two months. From filthy rich billionaires to low-life people, who earn daily or by the hour basis to sustain themselves, were trapped in their homes. Every collective move was disentangled and individuality pertained! In those serious times, one couldn't help but wonder what to do next?Apart from our loving Indian housemakers, infant and elderly people, every other citizen had a typically vile feeling about being quarantined at a place and simply do nothing! The question then arose, what did they do to pass the time?Let's hash this out one by one. Starting with hot celebrity gossip, if you are one of the active social media butterflies, you very well know that, for the first time in her life, Katrina Kaif cleaned her utensils, Akshay Kumar devoted his time simply in meditation, Lili Reinhart conducted Online Instagram live interviews to support #blacklivesmatter, Salman Khan challenged Arijit Singh in a gorgeous solo filmed in his equally gorgeous farmhouse, Emma Watson was still adamant on teaching people the ideals of feminism and Shilpa Shetty became a fanatic over TikTok. Basically, you get the idea that these oh-so-privileged celebrities didn't have a very hard time counting out their days in solace, thanks to them being adept social media influencers. Even the newspaper dailies didn't spare us with their on-going activities!

Moving a little lower in the social hierarchy, you'll probably find yourself- the common multitude of India. Looking back now, can you answer what you actually did to participate in "the productivity contest"? With flooded Instagram stories of tasty delicacies, tangerine music and singing duos, picturesque natural portraits from a roof-top view, professional sketches and built bodies, it wouldn't be very bold to say that not only you are aware of people's not-so-hidden talents anymore but also are familiar with unofficial Chefs, Musicians, Photographers, artists and Bodybuilders respectively. If you were among one of them- even minus the social media touch- congratulations you succeed in succumbing the high of competition spirit, but if you weren't among one of them, what then? Did you qualify as a "normal" human being or you're just another average doof with no sense of knowledge and creativity? Did you feel that immense inferiority complex? Well, to be very honest, you are pretty much normal if you didn't resort to any of these and it's completely alright if you wanted to live your life by your choices rather than becoming a victim to peer pressure!

We need to remember that "it's a pandemic and not a productivity contest" where you have to yield your end products no matter what! Yes, creativity and trying something new is important and healthy, but living your old tire of life and maintaining a plain lifestyle, is well within your hands and equally fine and healthy too! We need to remember that the reason we start something anew is for out refreshment and mental health, so if you get that "kick" in watching Netflix in your comfy pajamas, reading the same book again, eating your favourite snacks, believe me when I say, you are in no way behind and should in no case feel the Fear Of Missing Out! To have a healthy stature of your mental is the sole most important thing, the lockdown demanded. And if you found that in the sphere of your comfort zone and sedated lifestyle, you should be proud of yourself. If you are already anxious and hot-headed with your spending creativity assets, there's no use delving into them just to please other people and completely forgetting your needs! It should be made a vibrant note on your mental health journal, that it's important you live life by your wishes and only do things that interest you!

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