By Vaishnavi

(8/07/2020 15:30 IST)

Today in the society where we are living with serenity, dwelling new terminology to have as much comfortable lifestyle as we could. Basically human who 'day and night ' are?

- indulged in earning bread

- live with dignity and respect

There lies a parallel livelihood; livelihood of animals who could not speak, can't convey their words; still fight for survival in there "silent barking" world .They too as humans feels the pain- pain of hunger. They are ought to cope with awful situations. Many times human beings are found abusing animals, using them, teasing and killing them to meet their greed with money. It is more likely as if humans are superior to those who can't even raise their voices for justice.

Many videos are being uploaded on social media sites capturing – the scenes where people are enjoying while hurting innocent “dumb” animals as a source of entertainment. The situation becomes more dangerous when animal skins’ are peeled off from their bodies, when they are all up with their senses!

- Tiger’s skin

- Elephant teeth

- Thorn of Deer; as an exemplary are sold at very huge amount.

All over the world from ancient time till today animals are used as a carriages to load heavy luggage, heal the farm land etc.

As in to eradicate the negative aspect of animal harassment, governments have proven to be "torch bearer" for the welfare of animals.

Killing animals or harming them voluntarily is prohibited. Those who are caught "red handed" will be punished with heavy penalty and must live under bars.

Many laws applause been permitted for "animal welfare" here are few of them highlighted.

-It is a criminal offence to feed poisonous food to stray animals.

- Causing any injury to any animal is illegal

- The "Animal Welfare Board of India" issues ID for all those people who daily come out of their comfort zone to feed stray animals.

There IDs help people to do work for all those animals who are been abused.

1960 was the year when the “Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act” was passed which is the legal basis of animal protection in India. Section 429 of IPC deals with the criminals for embodiment of their punishment.

I personally have felt the pain of ANIMALS when I joined a group who approach different areas where animals are found barren to feed them. Giving milk-bread to dogs every evening made me to have a sense about “how they sit with starving eyes at the paradox of every street”. Many more like this such as cucumber and watermelons for cows, corns for birds etc.

It is not charity but actually DUTY if all of us to take care of animal around us. As being a human we must better show "humanity" towards them. Governments must be "soft hearted” towards the care of ANIMALS and may arrange "welfare programs" to promote initiative of general public and raise hands for protection of animals.

NGOs of the country could organise events for “animal husbandry”.

YOUTH could play a crucial role at the stage - by raising poster against those cruel hands who destroy living culture of animals. They could perform “skits, nuked- natal” at their pace to pervade awareness in general public.


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