By Bhavika Arora and Aditi Arora

(02/09/2020 00:30IST)

The word WOMANHOOD, is really beautiful and powerful. Empowering womanhood for good is actually the need of the hour. Keeping its essence alive to make the best out of it seems very important to us.

We feel that many women are united by the fact that they kind of face like situations in their lives, let’s say inequality criteria. The online sources are flooded with the Women Empowerment quotes, articles and art pieces ignoring the question that “How can women empowerment be attained when women themselves cannot stop from pulling each other down?” We as a community cannot stand by each other so how is it expected from others to not suppress our community?

If feminism is all about raising the social status of women, how can there be a possibility of accepting any kind of bitching, whether it’s a one off or sustained? It may seem very obvious what a feminist’s response to this will be; women should support the sisterhood and raise each other up, rather than tearing each other down. Instead of acting as mentors and deciding to be hyper active about it, could successful female bosses be pulling up the ladder behind them because they perceive other women as a threat?

Knowing about the fact that, there is women on women bullying going on, how convenient it is for us to address this as a major issue raised by men? A hashtag “WOMEN AGAINST WOMEN” going viral on social media platforms clearly indicates the dynamic in the place. Now we are all sick of women against women and people not understanding the practicality of the topic. Women are seen complaining and ranting all day about how they’re being judged while all they do is the same to other women. A person comes a long way making some tough choices and decisions but what hurts the most is, not even one person from your community who gets it. Why pulling someone else down makes you feel better? Using someone else’s privilege to pull them down is as ridiculous as someone pulling you down because you are not privileged enough.

Nobody, not even a woman leaves a chance to defame other woman instead of respecting their choice. There are so many misconceptions about feminism. But nobody seems to get the right meaning of the word’ FEMINISM’. Feminism is about having a choice, it is about a community of women standing up together for what’s right, it is about creating a safe space where you can rant about anything and everything without the fear of getting judged creeping in. It’s a shame seeing a group of self proclaimed perfect women dissing other women who doesn’t fall in their category of ‘being perfect’.

Recently, we came across a term "queen bee syndrome " which when further elaborated, suggested that there is a theory to this as Queen Bee syndrome .Surprisingly enough, The Queen Bee indicates to the notion that women simply can't get along. While this is an oversimplification, its basic concept is interesting. This is the theory known as queen bee syndrome describing a woman in a position of higher authority in a male-dominated environment who treats her subordinates more critically if they are female community.

Prof. Dame Sally Davies penned down this thought more aptly by quoting it as follows:

"I saw it particularly in medicine - queen bees preening and enjoying being the only woman."

Since ages, we are made to believe that we inhabit in a society where we eulogise good humankind. At the same time, however, we are also capable of secretly harbouring a somewhat catty streak within us, especially towards other females. Few days back, we stumbled upon an amazing quote “REAL QUEENS FIX EACH OTHER'S CROWN' and it has really resonated within us and further Instagram, took the spotlight of trending hashtag, ‘FIXINGEACHOTHER’SCROWN’.It authentically equates to that a fake queen can never fix another Queen crown .Fair enough?

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, said in one of her interviews, “I’ve had so many times where I’m doing interviews and people always ask me, ‘You’re doing a movie with a female actor. Did you guys get along? Were there cat fights?’ But when it comes to boys, they say, ‘Oh, my gosh. That’s a bromance, and everyone works so well.” She further added, “The more opportunity we create for each other, the more sisterhood will grow,” she shared. “We’re 50 per cent of the world population; we need to be represented in every field. We need to be empowered by each other, by people who are in positions of power, by putting (women) in positions of power.” It is very important for women in power to support and lift other women up.

Let's be honest here Ladies!!

How many of you admit to using the word 'dumb' to describe someone you don't like, especially in case of women, thereby asserting yourself as smart? Can't we co- exist together?? Because we read a quote by

Madeline Albright saying:-

'There us special place in hell for women who don't help other women.’

Let's be together, because we are better together. Let’s all try to remember this. Let's be a Real queen in the world of Reel Queens .A real queen understand that other is not threat, understand other woman success doesn't result in her downfall.

It’s high time we realise that estimating your strength and beauty and that a woman who supports other woman is much stronger and beautiful. We need to be familiar with the SHINE THEORY, which says, that if we try helping other woman rise, we all shine. So, if you see any of your co-workers doing a good job, praise them and show them your support. For strong women build each other.

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