Do we believe in God or Devils?

By Vanya Bajaj

(14/08/2020 00:30IST)

जब संसार के रक्षक ही भक्षक बन जाए तो संसार का सर्वनाश निश्चित है।

Recently, the monsters who committed the heinous crime of raping and murdering Nirbhaya were executed. Their execution left me wondering that were the crimes of the self-proclaimed god, Gurmeet Ram Rahim any less than those of who were executed. We all remember that some districts in Haryana were burnt down when he was arrested in 2016. He had played so well with people’s faith that many died revolting against his arrest and others destroyed millions worth of public property. He was the man who was discovered to be the face of all the nefarious activities mentioned below:-

-Breach of trust

-Keeping women in custody

-Raping women (including minors)

-Murder of a journalist

-Blasphemy- great disrespect shown to God or anything holy

-Illegal castration of people- Removing or destroying sex glands

The most shocking part was that he was given only 20 years of imprisonment after destroying the lives of thousands. It is quite obvious that his political influence and loopholes in our system of law and order saved him. This man was given parole within a few months of his arrest on the basis of‘good conduct’ in prison. Our system proved the famous Bollywood dialogue ‘Kanoon Andha Hota Hai’ (the law is blind) right. They served justice to the victims of rape by setting the rapist free. This also proved that if you have the money and the power then you can keep the system in your pocket.

Another atrocious story which recently unfolded is that of a priest from Kerela, Robin Vadakkumcherry. Not only he raped and impregnated a 16 year old, his sources and church also pressurised the victim’s father into taking the blame of the crimes which the priest had committed. The victim’s father confessed of having raped and impregnating his daughter under their pressure. This thought is not only disturbing, but it also reveals the dark face of the so called 'religious heads', who are not only playing with our sentiments, but are also getting an excuse to exploit us. This priest had almost gotten away but thankfully, a few other nuns who had also gone through the same ordeal decided to fight for justice and stood up against this man. But this is not where the case ends, a new appeal made by this rapist has shocked the world.

Fr. Robin has made the appeal in front of the court that the court should reduce his sentence because he wants to do a good deed by marrying the victim and taking care of the baby. And for some reason the victim’s family is ready to let their daughter marry this man. Nobody knows that why is the family taking this decision. Is it the fear of tags such as “nobody’s wife” and “an unwed mother”, and that the child is the “main victim”, who will carry a “social stigma” that the family is scared or are they still under some sought of pressure which is unknown to us. Gladly, the courts have denied this appeal calling this a ploy of getting away from the crime.

A few reports say that the victim and the rapist were in love when the girl got pregnant and the girl had full consent in whatever happened. But we have to understand that the girl was a minor at that time and the man she was involved with was a 52-year-old mature catholic priest. Some reports are also blaming the victim for leading the ex-priest into temptation. If anyone reading this article is also holding the victim into fault then I request you to put your daughters and sisters in her place and then take this decision.

These are just two cases that have been listed here but many more exist in our society. We as a society start playing the blame game by blaming the authorities and today's youth instead of blaming ourselves. In India, where politics uses religion as a tool to manipulate the masses, women bear the brunt of the consequences of cultural attitudes. The reason because of which the daughters of India are undergoing so much torture is our habit of idolising self-proclaimed Gods in the name of faith and religion. These demons exploit us by taking advantage of our miseries and leading us into temptation of a better and brighter future. It is difficult to understand that how we become so vulnerable that we find solace in their feet.

Religious heads vow to protect us from evil by showing us the correct path, but the above mentioned examples clearly point out the fact that some of them do not have the purest of intensions. We have entered into an era where having religious beliefs is not wrong but trusting someone blindly is, that is why do not let anybody take over your power of reason and logic. There is no greater power than yourself and nobody can protect you better than yourself.

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