By Kriti Khurana

(20/05/2020 20:00 IST)

During the outbreak of this global pandemic, it is extremely essential for us to be courageous in the face of adversity and scavenge for optimism in the chaos.

The corona virus, which emerged in the Wuhan district of China, has spread to more than 150 countries world over. Every day, people are dying and even more are losing the hope to live a constructive life.

We are constantly reading the news and grieving over the appalling conditions of humanity. We fail to recognize the fact that this is the perfect time for us to sit back and introspect, indulge in self reflection, treat ourselves as humans and not as a machine. The nature is giving us an opportunity to rewind and rejuvenate, be it inside the four walls of our houses. After all, we have been taking our roadside balconies a little bit for granted.

The other day, I was strolling in my balcony absentmindedly when the realization hit me that I could hear the birds chirping, not just pigeons but several of them. The soundscape of the world is changing for the better, with so many people staying at their homes, transportation such as public buses, metros and private vehicles have stopped operating, resulting in the reduction of noise and air pollution in some major metropolitan cities, reducing the risk of people contacting other deadly diseases like heart strokes or other respiratory diseases.

A more peaceful environment is on cue for all of us.

The calm and tranquility which can be found outside, gives way to contradistinction, when compared with the turmoil and uncertainty which resides in all of us. Ironical, isn’t it?

The canals in Venice are cleaning up; endangered animal species around the globe are recovering, be it the dolphins in Cagliari, the swans in Milan or the ever so precious Whales of the Pacific Ocean. Mother Nature is vitalizing herself and undoing the harm that our ruthless actions have resulted to doom her with. The planet is healing itself, without much intrusion from our side, as anticipated. The sky at last is clear and gleams with untarnished starlight during the night.

As most of us who follow the news, must be already aware about the global cooperation which has been established between countries, it reflects itself in the interdependent research work taken up by different countries to come up with the Covid-19 vaccine or the medical assistance that the countries are offering each other. Just recently, the USA has announced a $2.9 million package to help India battle the virus. Other countries of South Asia have also benefitted from the generosity of the USA.

I think it hasn’t dawned upon most of us that this stretch of time is as good as ever to be cherishing the company and spending quality time with our families, whose presence we take for granted at times. Investing into the people we love has never seemed so feasible, as during the current lockdown situation, simple games involving a stack of cards or a cricket match up on the terrace, keeping ourselves busy without the aid of our routine jobs or our packed student schedules is not as hard as it appears to be.

As the world progresses to battle the ongoing plague, the praiseworthy role of the medical sector has become all the more eminent. With their own lives at stake, the medical staff comprising of the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, sanitation workers etc. have not left a stone unturned to safeguard humanity. Several countries have taken initiatives to thank their medical workers by the means of country-wide applauses as in India or singing meaningful melodies to boost their morale, as in Italy.

Why not make some unforgettable memories amidst this bedlam? Why not try to cook continental cuisines or embrace our cultures and traditions by learning more about them. Why not explore about the cultures of other people, try to learn a new language or read some books which are housing dust upon our bookshelves?

At the moment, we need to dutifully wait for this tyranny to pass and pray for humanity to overcome the epidemic and emerge out of it as prepared for all future tribulations as ever.

About Author.

Kriti Khurana

Editor In Chief (INARA)


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