Pride: Let the Rainbow lead, to the Pot of Gold

By Kanika Vij

(30/06/2020 19:30 IST)

Pride Month celebrations direct the world’s vigilance towards the quarrels that people of the LGBTQIA+ community face on an everyday basis in social, political, and cultural domains.

Earlier in the 1920s, the parades were a blend of politics and spree. They boosted the image of the LGBTQ community. They also befriended as a gigantic megaphone for LGBTQ lacks and rights — like safety against harassment, bringing up awareness of the AIDS wave or fighting for marriage equivalence. They gave an accumulating LGBTQ movement a voice and, as assistance grew, that voice began to be believed.

This year announces the 50th anniversary of the Pride Month. Pride Month celebrations direct the world’s awareness of the battles that people of the LGBTQIA+ community experiences. The LGBTQIA+ community come together to observe the acknowledgement of sexual diversity.

The celebration proceeds as the youngsters of the nations are contributing to Pride Parades as it's time to wander on paths that we choose with the colors that exemplify us. Fear won't cease or cripple anybody's voyages, it's the nomination that how we see our routes. "How assorted years has it taken its people to realize that we all are brothers and sisters, and human beings in the human race?” said by Marsha P. Johnson. The fact that still exist in 2020 is that 51 years after the ushering first Pride March, there are individuals nonetheless amassing to fight for fundamental human rights in the nations. As the democracies prevail, if the past 51 years events have enlightened me anything it's that "love is love, love is also kind” and no matter who you are and how you identify....yes, you have an accepting validity!

In India, most conceptions which we face, are common but the country is evolving and is lending prominence to the recognition of individuals. Recently the Delhi - NCR area Noida has granted enormous appreciation and has been the talk of the town. In the recent declaration, Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) has made a central announcement with the intentions of over empowering transgender's community. The Sector 50, Noida metro station, has named as "Rainbow" where NMRC will be giving employment opportunities to help them be self-reliant and pave the way for their actively - healthy inclusion and participation in the society. Where many people are honoring this information, India's transgender rights activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi has also relinquished and said, "I welcome the move. But I'd like to see the workplace policy, what kind of inclusion they are talking about. It is important that they train and sensitize people" which is a reasonable statement".

By this alluring statement, the impression provoked that we can’t control everything that’s going improper in the world. It’s easy to get demoralized about the lack of harmonized effort. But let’s not get stabbed feeling helpless. While we are in this together and change will have to come from the collective actions, in moments like these, one must keep the focus on themselves.

Hearing from Vikas Gupta, Television industry's charm, who recently with his Instagram post told about his bisexuality, gave a realistic direction to his journey. He told his fans by a caption expressing that he wishes to share a side of him which was left untold.

‘A Suitable Boy’, the author Vikram Seth has been a well-known profile in the literary groups for more than three decades and is deemed as one of the abundant noteworthy writers of the modern eternity. One of the candidly gay identities in India, he earned Padma Shri for heartfelt poem expressing his distress over the recent verdict of criminalizing gay sex titled ‘Through love’s great power’.

Sonal Giani, highlighting Lesbian and Bisexual women’s issues as well as LGBTQ youth work, has been vocal LGBTQ activist and an actress. She had also co-founded one of India’s significant LGBTQ youth initiatives Yaariyan and Umang, a lesbian-bisexual-transgender endeavor in Mumbai.

A Journalist and one of the most prominent LGBT rights activists in India, Kavi is the founder and chairperson of the Humsafar Trust and has been one of the first people to sincerely talk about homosexuality and gay rights in the country. In 1990, he established Bombay Dost, India’s first gay magazine. His organization proceeds to mobilize legal liberation of homosexuality in India, besides operating various intervention programmes for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections in Mumbai and Goa.

So yes by glancing at the struggles and stories of brave efforts, it has never been easy for a person belonging to the LGBTQ community in our country. The well-known figures from the LGBTQ community in India who have preferred to break the barriers and prevail for themselves have voiced differences gracefully.

The truth states that everyone is one of a kind, so let them be. It's tough to be optimistic all the time. That's traditional, understood and okay!

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