By Yuvraj Sinha

(12/09/2020 15:30IST)

Have you realized that the chaos created by our “mainstream” television media for getting “justice” for Sushant Singh Rajput was never about getting “justice” for him? The “Suitdhaari” media persons presented an accused as if she was the root cause of all the problems of the country and arresting Rhea Chakraborty would solve all the problems of the country. But actually, it was never about Sushant or even about Kangana (who turned the question from ‘Justice for Sushant’ to ‘Justice for Kanagana’ and media, moving one step ahead, didn’t let it become ‘Justice for Economy’), it was all about politics and about benefiting a political party from it.

The very first question that came to my mind when “revolutionary” “republican” media was covering the Sushant case with all of its energy that if our media loves truth and justice so much, then where was it when Rohit Vemula committed suicide and Gauri Lankesh was killed? They didn’t ask for Justice for Rohit and Gauri so aggressively as they are demanding for Sushant. At that time no media house came forward and created a “movement” for seeking justice for them. Rather, the people who asked for justice were labeled by the same “justice lovers” as “anti-nationals” and “communists”. “9 PM anchors” didn’t seek justice for them, rather tried to defame them as well as to defend the causes of their death.

The Sushant’s case has been placed in the limelight not only because he was an actor, but actually for political reasons. The whole “movement” created by private television channels is a propaganda to benefit a single political party, largely for three principle reasons:

First, the BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is not in power in Maharashtra. Moreover, Shiv Sena, which was earlier an old ally of the BJP in Maharashtra, is now in power in the state in a coalition with the Congress and NCP(National Congress Party). Thus, in such a condition, BJP would not like to miss out even a single chance to defame Shiv Sena and make political gains out of it. The failure of Mumbai Police to investigate the case properly and arrogant behavior of the Maharashtra government served as an opportunity for the BJP. The way things took place is self-evident in itself. Bihar Police, which often fails to solve case of even a cow theft, moved to Mumbai to investigate, the demand of CBI investigation, swift acceptance of the same by the Supreme Court, prompt investigation by the CBI as well as by the NCB, all against the will of the state government. The CBI, which failed to solve the Arushi murder case and 2G spectrum scam (one of the biggest scams in the world), worked so swiftly which was never expected. Everything worked out suitably for the ruling party of India, only to defame Shiv Sena on the question of administration in the state through the so called “fourth pillar of democracy”. Similarly, the way the controversy related to Kananga Ranaut is being treated by the media and supported by the BJP are also self-evident. Now you would say, what BMC did to Kangana’s office was wrong and the way Shiv Sena treated her was too bad. Yes, it was wrong, it was too bad and even unacceptable. But wait, where was this crowd of media when 1000s of shops were being ceiled in Delhi by MCD? The media, which was talking about the irresponsible behavior of BMC and alleging it for not performing its core duties amid the pandemic. Do the same media cameras run out of battery life when they come to Delhi where 1000s of sanitation workers do not receive salary for months? And where MCD do not pay teachers of municipal schools even after receiving money from the state government? Do you know why they keep their mouth shut? Because the BJP is in MCD for more than last 12 years. And also, the central government gave Y+ security to Kangana on her single call. What about Ravish Kumar, who has been demanding security for too long as he receives death threats on a regular basis? This all shows a single thing, the Sushant case has become a weapon for the BJP to defame Shiv Sena and to push the Maharashtra government on the back foot.

Second, Bihar assembly elections are on the head. The BJP is in coalition with Nitish Kumar’s JD (U) (Janta Dal United) in the state. The problem with this elections is that the mishandling of COVID-19 pandemic, unpreparedness of the state towards floods in North Bihar (in which 70 lakh people were affected), raising unemployment in the state with 46.6% of total workforce unemployed in the state and no plan for returning migrants of the state are in fresh memories of the common people. As well as the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) is facing trouble inside itself with LJP giving signs to break away from the coalition in the state. And the coalition is facing challenges related to anti-incumbency. So in such condition, the BJP-JD (U) coalition had to find a way out to divert people. “Doobte ko tinke ka sahara.” Sushant’s case gave them “Bihari card” to play. Bihar Police, the police, which often refuses to even file an FIR, promptly responded to towards Sushant’s father’s FIR. The involvement of Karni Sena in demanding a CBI investigation shows that Sushant’s death was and even being used to polarize votes of Rajputs of Bihar as they know that Rajputs find themselves more driven by their identity of being Rajputs than the question of their jobs and flood relief. Stickers by the state BJP with a picture of Sushant proves that.

The third and the most important, the central government wants to distract people from questions directly linked to their lives. There was a dialogue by Ravana in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana that, “Jab shatru dwaar par khada ho tab praja ka dhayan bhatkaye rakhna chahiye” It appears that the ruling party took these words by Ravan too seriously. The country’s economy is in its worse state ever, COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing and increasing and there is a serious standoff going on on the Ladakh frontier with neighbouring China. Now, you would say, “The economy crashed due to Coronavirus, the government could not do anything.” But it was actually not wholly an “act of God”, rather to a large extent it was an “act of the government” as the country is seeing decline in its economy from the very beginning of 2019-20 financial year. What would the “suitdhaaris” like to say about that? Do you know more than 2 crore people across the country have lost their jobs in last 6 months? And this decline started around last quarter of 2019-20 only. To distract you from the question of food in plate, they want you to get involved in a question which is not related to your life at all.

Moreover, why is the media playing this “news” 24/7? Is the thing related to you? Related to your future? Related to the future of the country? Related to our security? Will solving Sushant’s case raise standards of your life? The answer is a big no! So why should you watch it? Ask yourself, what’s more important, question about your job, your food, your future, your well-being or Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and the stories surrounding it? WE NEED TO REALIZE THAT “THE FOURTH PILLAR OF DEMOCRACY” IS NO MORE THE FOURTH PILLAR, IT HAS BECOME A VERY PART OF THE FIRST ONE. IT HAS BECOME A PART OF THE STATE AND THE STATE WANTS YOUR SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND TO THINK OF WHAT IT WANTS YOU TO THINK. SO, BE RATIONAL.

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