By Srishti Singh

(18/09/2020 18:00 IST)

"You can't escape", "There is no freedom", "Each woman gets 2 minutes to go to the toilet" "They tell you to be quick, quick, quick. If you're not quick enough they shock you with an electric baton on the back of your head.” says Gulzira who spent 15 months in some of China's secret detention camps.

The dark genocide going on the land we all share is uncovered yet afoot. The gigantic human disaster in the history of the human race is still happening and what is the world doing? Apparently nothing!

The UNHRC panel in August reported the detention of over one million Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang - the autonomous region in western China. The Uighur people seem aloof from the majority ethnic population, the Han Chinese, and apparently China, one of the global superpowers, can't just digest the existence of another rich culture and heritage.

Now without further ado let's first get a little bit enlightened about Xinjiang. China has been concerned about the possibility of Uighur separatism from decades. Uighur, a minority Muslim ethnic group, concentrated in just the Xinjiang region of China, have tried to make Xinjiang, an own independent nation, twice in the last century. Xinjiang region is more immediate to the regions of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan than to Beijing and the Uighurs have their own culture, music, and even language, Turkic. The population of Xinjiang is over 12 million people, out of which more than one million people are reported to be in internment camps, or some sources say, mild CONCENTRATION CAMPS. But then why is China so solicitous about Xinjiang?

In the last few decades, China's economy augmented by leaps and bounds, and so did its need for the natural resources. Xinjiang confers about 40% of total coal and 20% of natural gas of China. Also the geopolitical area is what China is mainly interested in.

Uighurs were seen as rebellious by the Chinese, and therefore in 1990 China started the migration of the Han Chinese in the Xinjiang region in order to reduce the majority concentration. And it worked! The population of Uighur dropped down from 80% in 1995 to just 45% and that of The Han Chinese grew from 8% to about 39%. What followed was the domination of The Han in the highly expedient jobs while Uighur being left behind mainly in low paying jobs like, cultivation. That was the last straw left for Uighur! In 2009, a vehement clashes broke out in the Xinjiang region between the Hans and the Uighurs, killing more than 200 people.

From this point onwards, began the legal violation of human rights in China. By 2013, Xinjiang became one of the most important economical states in the Chinese regime. Uighur came to be perceived more as a threat with extremist and radical beliefs, who had to be “de-extremefied”. The real Dark Age began in 2016-17, when China began its “DE-EXTREMIFICATION OF SEPARATIST AND EXTREMIST THREAT” by building DE-EXTREMIFICTAION AND RE-EDUCATION CENTRES. China first denied the existence of any such camps but later it released some videos calling THESE DARK INSTITUIONS as schools where people were LIBERATED from terrorist mindset. But what the following may suggest is just BLATANT AND FORCED BRAIN-WASHING!!

It took quite a while for Uighur to paint their picture on the world canvas which is still now pretty blur. But as we dig into these internment camps, we got to know that the Uighurs are forced to memorize and recite the Communist Party agendas every day, sit where are instructed to, sleep in the position they had been assigned and if any of this was gaffed, they were beaten, with which we call an electric baton followed by the remark, “THANK YOU TEACHER, IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN”. This kind of periphery is to radically change their entire thought process. They had to criticize their own Islamic beliefs and that of their fellow detainees. Chains weighing more than 5 kilograms are said to be allegedly installed on the detainees' feet and cases of women being LEGALLY RAPED IN MASSES to promote “ETHNICAL UNITY” are reported too. When a person is subjected to this kind of physical, mental, social and emotional force, I THINK THE ATTEMPT IS JUST TO ERASE THE VERY INDIVIDUAL OUTLOOK AND VIWPOINT OF A PERSON WHICH MAKES HIS/HER'S VERY IDENTITY AND MAKE HIM/HER JUST UNCONCIOUSLY CHANT LIVE-LONG XI-JINGPING!!!!

As I pen these brutalities down, deep inside the very human in me, who has always been vigilant, out-spoken, opinionated and head strong by default trembles in the analysis of the question, WHAT IF I COULD BE ONE OF UIGHURS IN CHINA? Consternation and trepidation pave their way through my head and conscience alarms to make the rest of the world aware of this gruesome phenomenon. I am seriously discombobulated that WHERE IS UNHRC? WHY IS THE WORLD STILL UNMINDFUL ABOUT THIS HUMAN CATASTROPHE? Is it because the world has a barbaric habit of ignoring human disasters before it’s too late, like it was for RWANDA, EAST TIMOR, EAST PAKISTAN,GREECE, ALJARIA, MYANMAR, BRAZIL...the list is perpetual! There are clouds on the horizon, vivid and dark, and this time let’s not jump on this bandwagon of genocides unaffected, and act before this ship also sinks!

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