Being a compassionate and hardworking individual, I strongly believe that words have the power to change the world. I stand by the theory "Work to be done out is work to be done within", conforming to this I aspire to bring a change in the society while taking baby steps towards progressive development. I believe that one needs to first learn how to introspect and then adopt a retrospective approach, starting with making small efforts in whatever way possible for the upliftment of the society. For making the world a better place, one must work towards eradicating stereotypes and misconceptions. This in turn will contribute in changing the mind-sets of common men and women.

Working with The Chapakhana has given me a platform to voice my opinions and spread awareness on social issues with my work. I promise to present credible information so that the readers are able to make informed decisions on social and political issues.

As a keen learner, I advocate holistic development. I believe that for an individual to become a good citizen in the bigger picture, one must be a good human being in the smaller spheres of life as well.