Founder- Director, Managing Editor to "The Chapakhana". The Chapakhana is the result of my realization that the world is misinformed. To me, The Chapakhana, is an attempt by the youth to counter project misguided mainstream media given information about the events. To safeguard citizenship of the people and to prevent the receivers from being converted into subjects, the Chapakhana is here.

I believe in the idea that “Every establishment is afraid of only one thing, You.” I believe that becoming a citizen is much harder than cracking any competitive exam in India and questioning the ruler and other establishment is the duty of people to enjoy a true democracy. For that purpose, we need to believe in the power of words, to think, to talk and to come up with something fruitful and accommodative. Thus, writing editorials and making podcasts (to some extent) are the ways to lead to these utopias. My aim is to serve the nation and make a real difference in the society, in short, to lead a long term deep and impactful change in society, not only some change in political leadership.