By Nargis Khatoon

(24/08/2020 00:30IST)

Have you ever wondered? Why a glass with water is half filled to one but half empty to another, for one life is no-where, but for another it is, now here, challenges are obstacle as well as opportunity for some. Why so? Because this is how we look at things, you probably have heard that “your mind is the most powerful thing that you have” but one thing we barely care about is that you cannot use your powers if your mind is not in your control. Anger, ego, jealousy use our weapon in their favor with our permission!

We all go through ups and down, pain, happiness, rejection, all the good and those things which we associate with not so well are ingredients of life and are inevitable but misery and reactions is optional. It is said that, “The mind is a powerful force. It can make the worst of the best or the best of the worst.” So if only difference is of choices then why not go for the better one.

Everyone have their own definition of life, from being a life a beautiful journey to just something which is supposed to go on and on , and which is true but how it is supposed to be going, that’s up to you. Let your dreams drive and be in charge otherwise your not -so –well companions are all set to take over.

The choice is yours…

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