By Mehar Chowdhry

(26/08/2020 00:30IST)

Why is it so hard to accept a phase in our lives that has ended? Why is it difficult to normalize something which has ended? Why we self-pity ourselves or others who have something in their lives ended?

It’s just because of the simple reason that from childhood we have associated endings with pain. But why were we taught this behavior? We feel sad when something ends because we are eternal beings, so for something that ends is an unnatural and an unexpected situation for us which we never thought will happen.

As human beings we always have the tendency to overlook the positive and to emphasize negative and this is why we have always associated pain with something good ending. We never analyzed the fact that the wonderful things or phase that ended in our lives could also have ended for wonderful reasons or for more wonderful things to happen.

Just have a look down the lane into your past and analyze the beautiful phases that ended in your life and you associated pain with them and you cried over your pillow or went through sleepless nights but soon after their ending something more great happened.

Finished your school, started college but missing the so called good old days but sometime later you state the fact that college is the best. Moved to a new city and missing your hometown soon ends into, “This city is magical”. Breaking up with your partner and going through all that emotional trauma because you thought you both will grow old but soon you find someone else better or maybe just find yourself doing better in life because now you have all your time to yourself. Lost your large pocket job but soon you get a really better one or you decide to follow your passion and not filling your pockets with money. Many like these common events several other good things and phases end in our lives but we have always seen that something more favorable and great has happened.

We can look at the nature for a more illustrative example. The nature has sunsets and sunrise which always tells that endings are beautiful. The sun sets and we have a beautiful night and the moon with the stars twinkling and then that beautiful moon sets and the blazing sun rises with the birds chirping and brings in a new beginning.

Thus, we should never lose the precious sense that an end is only a beginning in disguise.

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