Good Times and Strong Ties

By Tanusha Arora

(13/09/2020 00:30IST)

Good time and strong ties
are all what we strive for,
You and me, me and we
Are whom we all are alive for.

Ecstatic moments and lovely times
Are boons to my lonely heart,
Being with you all,
all the time Makes it beat even fast.

It is not only about me,
But about we,
And our love
That blossoms till eternity!

Quarrels give rise to gloomy times
Ceasing all of my heart’s chimes,
But with the hope of a better tomorrow,
I sleep that night with a little sorrow.

It might seem complex at first,
But staying there is surely a must,
Rather than mocking each other
Find solutions by talking to each other.

‘Sorry’ wins each time
And ego loses its streak,
You and me,
me and we Build up a relation unique.

Good times and strong ties,
Are all what we strive for,
Golden memories and divine company
Are all what we are alive for!

About Authors.

Tanusha Arora

Desk Editor

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