By Palak Singla

(14/08/2020 00:30IST)

There's just one thing we all can keep in our hearts and that is hope, let's never let that hope get away. Let's never let our fears overpower the hopes we carry in ourselves , because it's not wrong to have fears, all of us have them, but the power of the beauty and strength of that ray of hope should always challenge our fears. For that hope is the only feeling which helps us grow and bloom in every possible way, it's the only source of internal joy and motivation that help us in becoming the truest version of ourselves, making us achieve everything we seek for. That hope should stay with us till eternity...

Hope in humanity,

Hope in love,

Hope in the energy guiding us,

Hope in ourselves,

And then hope in life.

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Palak Singla

Head, ZIBA

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