The idea behind Idealism

By Vasundhara Pande

(14/09/2020 00:30IST)

The Oxford dictionary defines ideal as "a person or a thing regarded as perfect."

But on the other hand, we are told that perfection is a myth. Or more to add to the confusion, (thanks to social media) we are imperfectly perfect.

Then what to believe? Does an ideal world/human include imperfections?

Pondering over this philosophical fact, I realised that all that we come accross including people and good or bad encounters shape the world for us. For e.g.: when a child regards their parents as perfect they regard them as ideal and thus appropriate for them. They love them, accept them and consider them to be their constant support.

But when we come to the concept of an ideal situation, it means that, that situation existed according to our expectations. And if not we disregard it.

The idea of ideal relationships isn't having it all rather trying to make it through together, in peace and harmony.

Now,the most thought provoking question of my life that “Is an ideal world hard to achieve? A world where absolute freedom with equal moral responsibility is guaranteed, where political failures and socio-economic injustice are absent, where crimes don't exist?

Well, the answer lies in what was stated in the third last paragraph. The only way to make things, relationship or even the world ideal is to strive to make it ideal, is to put in constant effort and one day when everyone has the will and passion to pour in effort to make a change the world will become ideal.

Until them, let your child question- the government, the injustice, the immorality and all that that makes them question!

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Vasundhara Pande

Editor In Chief (INARA)

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