By Tanisha Chauhan

(11/11/2020 00:30IST)

I used to think that there would come a day of peace. A day which blossomed with all that was dear to me. When there would be no problems to shatter my spirits and nothing to mourn for. But along life I have realised, that there will never be such a "day". Things will never be perfect because in this world nothing is.

What we can have are those little moments that bask in the glory of all that you love, and these moments would remind you about what it means to be truly alive. There won't be perfect days but there will be perfect moments. The wind won't ever slow down but you will get moments to breath calmly. These moments would be hidden in the layers of the days that just don't seem to pass. In these moments you won't forget your problems, but they would seem bearable to you.

These moments can be found in the smile of the ones you love, in the tune of the song that compels you to dance or in a line of the book you love. You must hold on to these moments and live them to the fullest.

Happiness doesn't really come with days, it comes with moments.

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