By Palak Singla

(14/08/2020 00:30IST)

With heavy hearts we bade farewell to all the people we love and care about, to all the people we are attached to, for this life is so mortal, but it's so infinitely finite. We keep on losing the people and that feeling is just so unexplainable that nobody can even try and describe even a small inch of it. Every soul departs from this very earth and in the end all we have is their memories. This is such a stark reality of life that we don't even have any control over our own lives, we never know when can the end come. The end is always so near and yet so far. It's the law of nature that we will die but we would never know that when and where and how will that happen. We don't have answers to any of these questions. We just have hopes in our hearts that whenever the end comes it should be satisfying, it should be when we have lived our lives to the fullest, it should be when we think we have given everything we ever had to this very earth from where we had taken it all. Let's just wish that every soul on this earth has this fulfilling death. For there is beauty in death, because there is peace in death.

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Palak Singla

Head, ZIBA

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