By Vasundhara Pande

(17/08/2020 00:30IST)

A 21st century concept, self love holds different meanings for different people.

For a teenager it might mean to accept their body, their thoughts in the process of knowing themselves.

For an adult, it might mean to take out some self-care time out of their busy lives. For an old person it may mean to accept the beauty of being old and not obsessing over their wrinkles or hating themselves for their degenerating health.

But in all these cases, self love holds a common and salient feature, which is "acceptance."Once you start accepting yourself the way you are, and thrive to improve on areas where you face difficulty, you start walking on the path of self love. Folks take note, the path can be a rollar coaster ride, but you are the rider who knows when to take control and when to let go.

It is you who needs to believe in yourself during your brightest and darkest days. Getting ready, applying make-up and hiding your flaws isn't self love , accepting yourself when you look into the mirror , all bare faced is self love.

Acknowledging your needs ,respecting yourselves, not second guessing yourself and creating boundaries with people who cause damage to your soul is self awareness, a major component of self love; true enlightenment.

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Vasundhara Pande

Editor In Chief (INARA)

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