By Mehar Chowdhry

(19/09/2020 00:30IST)

“None outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this, we become free.”


We know that this physical world is variable but still we attach ourselves to it, and to such extent that we become oblivious of our inner consciousness.

But what causes bondage? To understand better let us take an example of a man at the airport whose luggage was exchanged by his co-passenger and he was unaware of this fact. As he reached his home he saw that the one of the wheel of his suitcase is broken and he starts to go in guilt and suddenly he gets a call from his co-passenger that if he has his broken wheel suitcase and immediately the man’s sadness disappears on hearing it. Thus we see that what binds us to the outer variable world is our ego. My family, my job, my car, my salary, etc. The more we attach ourselves to people, to materialistic things the more we constrain ourselves in bondages.

From the time we are born we are attached to people in some or the other way and we gradually develop a habit of attachment with everything and everyone we like and unknowingly tying ourselves in bondages.

But what does the human do when he realises he is caged? Tries to communicate with his inner consciousness? No, instead he blames his own created bondage. “I cannot makeup for the party, my wife won’t allow”. Why do we get bound? Why can’t we understand a simple truth that we bond ourselves to others? No one can bind anyone. Only those who like to bound are the ones who form bondage.

If we become aware of the fact that we are the creators of our bondage, then we will be left with only one question, “If I do not want bondage, why don’t I remove the cause of bondage and free myself?” The mind plays another trick here. When we realize that we are in bondage, we make external changes, but we do not give up the habit of creating bondage. It is essential therefore to clearly understand the nature of bondage and its root cause. If this is understood, you can realize exactly what is to be given up.

Our minds are tied with imaginary ropes, and you forget when you had bound yourself. Someone is tied to his house, wife, husband, children, money or status, hence he can’t on the path of self-awakening. We have to untie these ropes to move above and beyond the body. To begin with, you have to understand where you have tied your mind, we have to look for the unseen ropes and be free of them to live free, to express freely.

But yet again the question still remains, is it practically possible to live a bondage free life when we live a life full of relationships and we want people to fulfill our expectations and also want to keep everyone happy? Well, I think communicating and having a real talk to our inner consciousness will give all our answers.

“They will teach you how to live in a bubble, when you were meant to break all bondages.”

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