By Vasundhara Pande

(18/08/2020 00:30IST)

“Allah, Waheguru , Ishwar, God, sab tere hi naam."

God, the purest of all, complete, supreme yet cannot be seen, cannot be touched but can only be felt from within, from the voice of your soul.

To know God, is to know yourself first. And to know yourself you need to strengthen your belief in the universe, in the fact that things will work for you, come what may. God is always present, for he cannot be absent even during your darkest days. He is there to celebrate your happiness during the sunny days and there to comfort you even during your cloudy days.

Knowing God or enlightenment is not a goal, it is a whole journey. When we get enlightened we view the world from the eyes of God, who considers all equal. We tend to help others as much as we can and acknowledge the differences in people without judging each other.

A true believer, a true devotee is one who doesn't disassociate themselves from God in all life conditions, that is true and unconditional faith.

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Vasundhara Pande

Editor In Chief (INARA)

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