The Moon

By Tanisha Chauhan

(19/08/2020 00:30IST)

The Moon. It’s full tonight.

I stand miles and miles away from the place I called home all my life, and I stare at the moon. And I realize that it looks exactly like it did back at home. The fact isn't astounding, but it makes me realize that the Moon is a symbol of connection to the streets where I grew up. I think that the ones I love and miss must see the Moon just as I see it right now.

And that just makes me ascertain, that even though I am miles and miles away from home, I am still there. My heart is still there. If I close my eyes right now, I can see my home. I can see the streets made vibrant due to rainfall. I can hear the sound of me and my friends laughing and shouting shamelessly and freely, while strolling around on the roads. I can see the unique hues the sky split into at the time of sunset. I can see the moon as it looked from my roof. I can see the same moon right in front of me.

This seemingly obvious realization soothes my tired soul and caresses my hurting heart. And for a moment I feel all right again. For a moment, I feel like everything is going to work out and happiness will be my friend again. I find myself holding on to that moment, because after all moments are all we have.

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