To Be Us

By Sarah Bhagat

(08/09/2020 00:30IST)

Our power is our radical self and being a woman, in my opinion, is a power in itself. We live in an era where the fight for women equality not just involves the sheer commitment of women, but also that of men.

When I think about the philosophy of feminism and #METOO movements, my opinion is transformed to be in a way that promotes the idea of gender to be a spectrum, not just opposing sexes. No country has it all in terms of gender equality, perhaps some have it the other and more complex way. The age-old debate continues and questions, what do women fear? Women fear being insecure, being exposed to discrimination- a factor indicating where humanity lags. Talking about men, we don’t point at them individually, but collectively. Not all men are misogynists and we are well aware of that fact. But what about those who use their toxic masculinity as a weapon against women to justify the fear of all men? What about the everyday sexist behaviour including rapes and cutting women off during a conversation?

As per the United Nations, gender equality is a fundamental human right and a much-needed foundation to build a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. In Iceland, we can’t just see the contours of mountains but also focus on how they protect women and ensure wage equality by announcing a pay gap to be illegal. Despite women’s rights improvements in various countries, we realize that it will take 108 more years to close the gender gap across work, politics, health and education. Considering countries such as Yemen where around 2.9 million women and children are severely malnourished due to the Yemen war. More than 3 million Yemeni women and girls are also at risk of gender-based violence. According to reports, Delhi and Sao Paolo emerged as cities with high rape and sexual harassment rates. The fatal gang-rape in 2012 in Delhi resulted in a wave of public protests and jolted many. In Sao Paulo, women are increasingly using social media to denounce sexual violence, including writer Clara Averbuck, who launched an online campaign in August after she was sexually assaulted by a taxi driver. However, Scottish cities including Mid Sussex and West Berkshire have set an example when it comes to achievements in women equality.

Women equality is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, building governance and above all, making this world a beautiful place to live in. As I conclude this, I’ll quote the revolutionary Michael Jackson’s lyrics-

"And this place could be much,

Brighter than tomorrow,

And if you really try,

You'll find there's no need to cry,

In this place you'll feel,

There's no hurt or sorrow (FOR ALL)"

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