By Mehar Chowdhry

(02/09/2020 00:30IST)

It is in human nature to put those things in our unconscious mind which cause agony, pain or anxiety. So we tend to ignore them to escape from the vicious battle with ourselves, to escape from judging ourselves, to escape from the harsh truths of life and lead on to live an illusionary life without any hurdles or questions. But still we know precisely from which harsh truth we are running at any given point.

The harsh truth which I try to escape from is that life of others will go on without me, people who love me now will gradually be able to live in my absence, my void will be filled some or the other day. Isn’t this hard to believe? We struggle all our life to make our people proud, to be a good student, to be a good employee, to be there for our friends only to be forgotten one day and remembered on our birth and death day? People who love us will mourn for us, but will their life stop in our absence? Maybe, or Maybe not. And yet we waste our present because we are not able to get over from our past or we worry about the future, killing ourselves and precious present. All our life we please people or at least try to, and then one day, our physical trace is gone.

Suppose if I am hired for a job, I would work very hard, my boss would be impressed and I might get promoted too, but if some day because I resign for some reason, my post will be offered to someone else. My void will be filled. The task which was supposed to be finished by me, will be finished without me anyway. Things will not stop happening, people will not stop living.

So the bottom line is, rather than living in the belief that life of other people will put brakes without us, we should live in the present, try to accept the harsh truths of life and most importantly, not live like someone else or run after something which is not ours. We should spend our lives in trying to be a better person, in believing in ourselves and living in the present and not in any illusion.

It’s not that we don’t have the capacity to accept the truth. We choose not to accept it, and we hide behind the bar of our own logic and intelligence while the truth marches by and one day we come face to face with it. But what we need to understand is that accepting truth gives us closure to our own questions and the sooner we accept them, the sooner we experience happiness in life.

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