By Tanusha Arora

(15/11/2020 00:30IST)

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” —Emma Stone

In this world full of expectations and anticipations, we have forgotten to be our original selves. We have versioned ourselves according to what people accept, what societal norms are, and how things are normally done. We all have different mind-sets, different ways, different thoughts, and different lifestyles. Unfortunately, we forget about our uniqueness and our specialities. For instance, one may like attending parties while the other might like being a home bird; one may like making friends and meeting new people while the other might prefer being a lone wolf; one may like sleeping late at night but the other might be an early bird.

It is all about preferences, likes, and dislikes. What matters is to not be anxious about them and to understand that it is completely okay to not be like others, to not feel like others, to not behave like others. Life is different for all and it offers different experiences, which shape us as a person and as a human being. The way we dress, the way we laugh, the way we sit, the way we behave, the cars we drive, the things we do help us define our uniqueness, and maintaining it is very important. Often adolescents get influenced by their peers to be accepted by “a certain group” which leads to adopting them habits like- smoking, drinking, doing drugs which are extremely harmful in the long run. Or, sometimes we have parents pressurizing them to be like”Sharma ji ka beta/beti” who is excelling in academics plus co-curricular activities. This is where we lack. Children and their parents should understand that being the way one is is normal and to succeed in life, we do not lead to copy someone. Also, not just teens, but adults too, are swayed away by how people of their age look, dress and the lifestyle they follow.

In the end, I would just like to say that cherish your uniqueness and love who you are. You do not have to change yourself for others to be accepted by them. Just follow your ideals and remember no one is perfect. Therefore, it is okay to be imperfect and messy at times. We all have highs and lows. Highs teach us to be grounded and lows teach us lessons to reach highs. Hence, be positive about yourself and see how victory follows you.

No matter what your differences are, you have to embrace them and be proud of the way you are.” - Jazz Jennings



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